Did you know the word "spirit" means "breath"?

Looking for Love in all the wrong places…

What if you have been sold a bill of goods, a false idea of what love is and how to get it? Naturally, you want to feel that wonderfully delicious feeling, but it doesn’t always come dependably from the sources you expect. And that can hurt.

Love seems to be so elusive in our world. Why? Could it be that we are looking for love in all the wrong places? What is love and where to find it? What if you looked inside and found it waiting patiently for you? Who are you, after all – and what are you doing here on planet Earth? Are you here to be a beggar for love?

What does this line mean: “And God said, Let us make man in our own image and likeness”? And where should the emphasis be in the line, “God is Love”?

Could it be that you were made in the image and likeness of God, which is Love, which is Light, which is Life Everlasting? What is that force that breathes the body you are temporarily inhabiting while you are on planet Earth? What kind of love is it that gives you life? Is it true that the word Spirit mean breath? Why did Jesus say that the Kingdom of God is within? How did we ever forget?

You were created by Love Itself, made of Love Itself and you are Love – whether you are temporarily playing on planet earth – fully equipped with a beautiful body – or tumbling about freely in an endless expanse, in the form of pure energy moving through space – or wafting gently over the face of the waters.

If “The Kingdom of God is within you”, that’s nice, but how do you get there? How do you go within? Jesus said, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” He knew how to go within and he was teaching others. And it is absolutely true that you too can know the Love and power and wisdom that made you in the beginning – the big Love.

There is a little trick to it, for you must be very calm and still and focused and also know where to look – and this particular adventure is not your usual TV programming. But the beauty is that once you learn how, you can tap into the source of Divine Love within whenever you wish, because it is always there – in you, around about you, filling you. If when you turn a bit of your attention very precisely to it, you become aware of it and it fills you up. And that’s where the amazing Divine romance, Divine Love occurs – in that quiet, still, empty, aware place.

The world promises you happiness through its glittering, sparkling gifts in the form of everything physical – certain people, places and things  And yet following empty promises, you naturally feel empty and alone in a very deep way. They have yet to announce on your television that you contain all the happiness, fulfillment, love, peace and joy that you could ever wish for, independent of the physical trinkets of the world. They don’t tell you that you can experience all the beauty that you are made of – and that it will bowl you over.

Love is your birthright. Love is what you are. Yet as long as you are unaware of the treasure you contain, you are not feeling your heavenly birthright and may be grieving the loss of it. What good is it to have a trillion dollars in a safety deposit box if you don’t know you have it? What good is it if you don’t know that you can have the key, just by asking? If you are unaware, ignore and neglect the wealth of Love you have within you, then you will feel poor in Love because you won’t be feeling it. Without Love, you will suffer – and everyone else around you will suffer due to your suffering – for unaware of Love, anyone can feel as dry and as empty as a fish out of water and can become very cranky, irritable, fearful, sad, angry, depressed, lonely – and even die for lack of Love. Something in you longs for the beauty you knew before you entered the body. Fortunately it lies in your heart, nearer to you than your breath.

And when you learn to pay close attention to the ocean of Love within, immerse yourself in it and soak it up, then you overflow with Love. Feeling Love in your heart is no longer dependent on people, places and things that come and go. Instead, you know Love as something very real and truly true – constant, absolutely loyal, forever with you, always kind – lasting Love that you have ready access to, always. Knowing the Love that is always there takes the desperation out of human love and restores the wisdom in your choices. At long last you can discern between Divine Love and human love. Relationships are put in their proper places.

The very fact that people, places and things have beginnings and endings makes our love affairs with them temporary, fearful and unsustainable. Externals are not the source of our good feelings, like all the advertisements claim. But the beauty of the world can be held dear and every human relationship can become a precious opportunity for those who make the endless, limitless, unconditional Love within, the touchstone, the top priority. Now, together, we can extend that high quality of Love to one another and celebrate together our common good fortune. Now we are content. Now we are fulfilled.

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