Did you know the word "spirit" means "breath"?

Science and spirituality: Jeff Lieberman at TEDxCambridge 2011

Science and spirituality: Jeff Lieberman at TEDxCambridge 2011 – YouTube.

Thank you, Jeff! It’s so good to hear an artist/ scientist/ engineer talk about this subject.

You are clarifying an ancient mystery that can be solved on an individual level. Only I can choose for myself to stop thinking and to allow that beauty to fill my consciousness in place of my fears, angers, sorrows, need, greed, planning and other forms of suffering.

In ancient times they said, “God is Light”… or maybe “God IS Light”… and now we have the lovely word “Energy”… which many modern people can relate to better than “God”. Einstein’s equation E=MC2, from what I understand, was originally written M=E/C2… He knew that what appears to be “matter” is simply – beyond appearances – shimmering light.

When we let go of the distracting thoughts in our minds, all of a sudden ‘matter’ takes its proper place – replaced by that all-encompassing light/energy – real fulfillment.

All that has to shift for us to see, hear and feel pure energy, is for us to stop the “quack, quack, quack” between our ears.

I published a collection of quotes from world scriptures that specifically describe that light/energy in all its forms. The book is called Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures. In it is a clue of what we need to do to learn how to stop listening to the mind’s seemingly endless, meaningless chatter.

Transcript of Jeff’s talk here.

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What Is God?

Reading a few quotes from Knowledge, the “What Is God?” chapter.

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What is a scripture?

A real, genuine, legitimate scripture is a description of God, a description of an experience that is at the same time grounded, as it soars. It pierces the ego’s fearful armor and goes straight to your heart. It soothes, comforts and heals.

As you read the inspiring verses in this book, you will feel good feelings. And when you do, stop. Close the book, close your eyes, and savor the goodness for as long as you can. Let it fill you. Enjoy every taste of the divine.

A real scripture conveys confidence, not fear. It is truly loving, not intimidating. It does not make you feel incomplete but confirms that you are whole. It does not make you feel left out; it lets you know that you belong. It assures you that you are safe in the warm embrace of the divine. It invites you to rest deeper and deeper in the peace that passes all understanding.

A real scripture is not a list of rules and regulations. It is neither a genealogy, a history, nor an etiquette book. It neither contains recipes nor features heroes. It does not scold, warn or threaten; beg, plead or implore. A real scripture is not some or all of that plus a few pleasantries scattered here and there with a cursory nod at God. Merely mentioning God does not make a writing a scripture.

A real scripture makes it clear that you can know the same God that all the great saints and sages have adored and celebrated. It assures you that the presence of God goes with you always, wherever you go. It reminds you that you are loved, all the day long. God is omnipresent and God is love — so is there anywhere love is not?

Close your eyes right now and notice. Something powerful, compelling, impossible to resist, is gently breathing you, moving you, massaging you. Your shoulders, rib cage, abdomen — all are moving in the rhythm of your breathing.

Stop for a few moments and notice the inbreathings and outbreathings of the Holy Spirit or Holy Breath. Make no mistake — every breath you take is a gift of love and is unmistakable evidence of the presence of God within you. You are never, ever alone.

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The medium versus the message

The medium is not the message. Human language is the medium, and the message is the presence of God — beyond ideas, beyond theories, beyond imagination, beyond human language.

If, as you read quotations from scriptures, you find that they remind you of something, somewhere, long ago, something you forgot but never really left, for it never left you.

When you read words that are both beautiful and true, you breathe easier, smile or even feel tears of joy, have a sense of fullness, peace, happiness, tingling bliss — then know it is the good feeling that is the real message.  That is God within you.  God is Love, God is Light, God is Spirit.

If you decide you want to pursue more of these pure, unconditional, divine, good feelings, then the scripture has accomplished its purpose. It has informed and inspired.

It is your birthright to know how to feel the divine experience all the saints have raved about, sung about, danced about. Your true nature is fully inspired and savors every breath, for each one is a gift of love from the source of all life to you.

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