Did you know the word "spirit" means "breath"?

The door that leads out of the desert forever…

Gate to heaven with sunny sky


This prayer is the door that leads out of the desert forever:
“If you will tell me what to do, I will to do it.” 


This wonderful prayer is not in the published edition, but it can be found in the A Course In Miracles “Urtext”, (first typed copy of the ACIM material) on page 33. You can read or download the ACIM “Urtext” here. The “Urtext” has a more “conversational” tone than the formal, edited version. With the “Urtext” on your computer, you can search it for topics that interest you.

If you are interested in the evolution of the Course materials, this is an excellent article by Robert Perry of Circle of Atonement: The Earlier Versions and the Editing of A Course In Miracles.


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